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New Year, Same Me- Switching Things Up
I Cook Because I Care

Cooking is so many things to so many people. For me and us as a family, cooking meals at home is team work and a way of creating meals together. And of course the whole self care element of the process as well.

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Be Right Back- We Are Moving!

Hi Guys! If you follow me on Instagram you will know that I am redesigning the blog to get it a bit more interactive and add a few more features on there. This space has predominantly been for recipes and off the cuff posts. A journal for writing thoughts and things "when I feel like it" to be completely honest.

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The Lactation Smoothie Series

One of those things I dreaded the first time around because it was more LACK- Tation then anything. Truth be told, like every first time mother I had no clue and the guidance/ help just wasn't there. So I panicked. The more I stressed, the less I produced. It was as simple in my Breastfeeding journey. I spoke to my Health Visitor, the Midwives ( who weren't as helpful as I thought they would be apart from handing me a breast pump contraption with an instruction manual on the second day after having baby) and the Postnatal Nurse who told me to keep trying.

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How Would You Like To Feel Everyday?

Namaskaaram beautiful beings. How are we all doing and feeling today? Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day celebrations.

 I have been gone a while and all shall be addressed soon. Also guys, I don't want to put content out there just to get that post in. You know? I write when I'm inspired. That's that.

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