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I Cook Because I Care

Cooking is so many things to so many people. For me and us as a family, cooking meals at home is team work and a way of creating meals together. And of course the whole self care element of the process as well.

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#Veganuary Easy Bake Potato Bites

Namaskaaram Peeps! Aah man what an awesome day its been. I spent about two hours skipping with my parti which is always such a blessing man. Making time for them is one of my favourite things to do, because they are hilarious and so curious too. They want to know about everything! Which is the cutest.

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#Veganuary Kombucha Tofu Stir-fry Noodles

Namaskaaram guys! This week has been kind of overwhelming and I am just getting to a place where a certain routine is developing in terms of life and taking up work.

It is all extremely exciting but I am completely shitting it. But I keep constantly telling myself to get out of my comfort zone and feel a little uncomfortable.

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Vegan Dal Makhani

Namaskaaram Beings. We are another day closer to Christmas and I am sitting here with no tree or decorations. Yup, I know completely organised. But we have Dal Makhani though and I am happy with that.

Dal Makhani, was always on the menu when we ate out as family in Dubai. Ofcourse it was ordered every single time. It's one of those hearty, soulful dishes everyone will indulge in with a big proud smile. Here is why.

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