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New Year, Same Me- Switching Things Up
#Veganuary Turmeric Ramen

Namaskaaram Everyone

So we are all officially back into routine. Some of us may have started even before 2017 commenced and props to you for bossing it man.

Route has kicked in. Back to work. Making those school runs in full swing. I woke up ridiculously excited and according to some of my friends, that was "unacceptable" to be that excited about going back to routine ha ha. But you know what, ain't nobody got time to be annoyed with life.

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Vegan Vermicelli Payasum

Namaste Lovers!

How are we all today? I woke up feeling ridiculous amounts of gratitude and to give thanks, I made a big hearty bowl of Semiya Payasum. This is certainly one of those dishes that takes me back to the time I would wear my pattu pavadai, mallikai pu (jasmine flower) in my curly locks and get ready to explore a temple near where we live. Good times.

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Golden Milk Recipe

Monday is here and what better way to start it than with a cup of  wholesome, warming Turmeric Latte. I bang on about this at every chance I get because it deserves all the love. 2016 has been the year of mindfully consuming as much fresh ingredients as possible and Turmeric has been one of those ingredients that I have fallen head over heels in love with.

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Spiced Spelt Plantain Loaf

Picture this; in your soul. A hammock, your favourite book, fresh coconut water and a slice of love. Yup. Exactly what this loaf did to my being. It. Was. Divine.

Being my first proper time giving baking a go, I'm extremely chuffed with the turn out. It involved hardly any work from myself apart from prepping the ingredients which proved very therapeutic.

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