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#Veganuary Beetroot Aviyal

Namaskaaram, Today needed a soulful bowl of Madras Aviyal. This morning has been extremely crispy with -2C and wild wind in the air. It was too cold to do anything but run everywhere. So I ran to the local green grocers, picked up some carrots and beets for the munch.

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#Veganuary Chickpea Potato Poha

Hello 2017! Welcome January and roll on Veganuary.

Let me begin by wishing each and every one of you the happiest of New Years. Hope you all have had the best 2016 and here is to 2017 being another wonderful year with an extra portion of peace, love and harmony.

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How To: Quinoa

She is a powerhouse and holds her own pretty decently among all the other plant food we have available to us. A pantry essential in our household.

I love Quinoa particularly apart fromt eh obvious nutritional benefits which I won't get that deeply into. But know this, it's basically got everything we need to function.

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