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#Veganuary Sweet Potato Glass Noodles

It started off in my mind as a hot pot. Where I would make a broth, dash a few veggies in there, cook the noodles in water and place them delicately over the hotpot. It would be a big pot of lots go vegetables like carrots, kale, parsnips etc. But it happens that I completely forgot to buy the afore mentioned veg when I went grocery shopping. So I really had to work with what I already had at home.

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#Veganuary Chickpea Potato Poha

Hello 2017! Welcome January and roll on Veganuary.

Let me begin by wishing each and every one of you the happiest of New Years. Hope you all have had the best 2016 and here is to 2017 being another wonderful year with an extra portion of peace, love and harmony.

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​ Lazy Girl Pasta- 3 Ways

Being lazy is something I have forgotten how to do and I kind of miss it. Let's be real guys! I miss being a couch potato and staring into space ha ha even if it's just for an hour every day. Being lazy is sometimes a life saver. It's called TAKING SOME TIME TO CHILL THE F OUT.

I cannot sit still for a minute. I try and squeeze as much into my days and it feels awesome but I also would love to just sit in silence with a cup of tea/ vino,wander away & RESET.

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