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Vegan Jollof Rice

Namaskaaram Everyone Wow, What a January its been? Let's take a moment to welcome February with open arms for all its adventures, challenges and epic moments.

I'm so excited for this month and all the dishes I have planned too. But can I just say, I am so over this weather though. It's been absolutely miserable and trying to be enthusiastic sometimes is effort ha ha. Real talk.

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Golden Milk Recipe

Monday is here and what better way to start it than with a cup of  wholesome, warming Turmeric Latte. I bang on about this at every chance I get because it deserves all the love. 2016 has been the year of mindfully consuming as much fresh ingredients as possible and Turmeric has been one of those ingredients that I have fallen head over heels in love with.

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Sweet & Spicy Gingerbread Porridge

Namaste everyone. Before I even get into the recipe, massive massive apologies for not have posted this on my blog. Do not ask me why I thought I had already shared this with you. Literally cannot even think of a reason other than I simply forgot and I want to apologise for it.

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​ Berry- Turmeric Oats & Why being "Perfect" is BOLLOCKS

Oh hey!! I'm munching on this and thought to myself; PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW. Comfort food comes in all shapes, colours and ingredients ha ha. It is important. GOOD FOOD = GOOD MOOD. Food unites the mind, body & soul. The most important relationship you need to have is with yourself, that we know. But it is vital to be aware of the inner relationship too. You HAVE TO QUESTION! I ask myself these daily and I want you to too.

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Spaghetti Salad

15 Minute Meals are the best. Something for the lunch box too. Prepping for all my options for when Juno starts pre-school.

Okay, who doesn't love pasta or spaghetti?! We all love carbs PERIOD. I'll keep it short and forget the story telling so we can all just get on with stuffing our faces with this guy right here. Boom!

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