Hot Chocolate Recipe


Hey beautiful souls. Hope we are all having the most amazing day. Gosh it's super windy out this afternoon where we are but the sun is still shining through.

I definitely fancy a hot chocolate and a book to read seeing as I have a new video uploaded to YouTube. If you could spare a moment to go and have a look. It would mean so much to me.

Give your feedback and anything you would also like to see on there. I promise I have been trying to upload but I have had so many issues with my internet over the past year and have just found out that my internet was actually broken. Not the router, not the physical wire but the actually internet internet that connects us to the world wide web due some line interference.

Hopefully this has all now been sorted out for the final time and I will not ever have issues with my internet connections.

In that happiness, the recipe posted is one of my favourite Hot Chocolate drink. Have a look and let me know your thoughts babes.

Thanks for all the support, love and light.

Sending you guys immense love and light back babes.