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Second Time Around

I cannot even deal with how cute the baby is. Turns out I completely skipped half of my first trimester because the above scan is 16.5 weeks. So the due date has now been pushed forward, which I am ecstatic about.

Were we expecting this? Nope. Did we plan for it? Nope. But heart of hearts I wanted another bubba soon. We are obviously over the moon but under estimated the reality of the situation.

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Motherhood Unplugged- Things I Could Have Done Better 

There I was with a new born baby. There I was with zero clues as to how I am going to raise him. There I was completely stunned at how my entire world had changed OVERNIGHT.

 2 years and 8 months on, take this as a gradual "throwback" on what I know I could have done better. And an SOS for the next time around.

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