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Spiced Pumpkin Porridge

Hi Hi Hi It's getting chillier by the day and there is nothing than a heartwarming bowl of porridge to keep you warm and make you feel all snuggly inside. And it being pumpkin season and all, I have about 3 pumpkins staring at me so this had to be done.So So good

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Coconut Cashew Latte

Something I never expected to be making this afternoon while cleaning up my blog. I had a tonne of admin stuff I wanted to do for the blog before I really start posting content on to this platform. I was feeling a caffiene free latte and this hit the spot.

It's really simple, healthy and mega thirst quenching too.

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​ Lazy Girl Pasta- 3 Ways

Being lazy is something I have forgotten how to do and I kind of miss it. Let's be real guys! I miss being a couch potato and staring into space ha ha even if it's just for an hour every day. Being lazy is sometimes a life saver. It's called TAKING SOME TIME TO CHILL THE F OUT.

I cannot sit still for a minute. I try and squeeze as much into my days and it feels awesome but I also would love to just sit in silence with a cup of tea/ vino,wander away & RESET.

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Spiced Mojito Ice Tea

Ola! Como Estas? We are doing absolutely phenomenal. We are on our second day of a September Heatwave here in the UK and HALLELUJAH!

IT'S LIKE BEING BACK IN GREECE! Bringing back that truly out of this world time I had with the hubby. Have you ever had that feeling; where you have no idea what to expect and it turns out to be one of those ridiculously boombastic, eye-opening, perspective bringing holiday? Yup, that was exactly what it was for me. Returned home happy, grateful and appreciative for every single person and moment in my life. There isn't a substitute for those simple pleasures.

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